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Goodbye outdoors faux grass!

The grass that had been put down over the driveway and courtyard by the previous owner was really really worn, faded and full of moss so it had to go. I worried that it would become slippery in the rain and I didn't want anyone falling over either so I was glad to see the back of it!

We haven't been able to get contractors in to the premises due to the current Covid-19 outbreak so naturally we haven't made much progress over the last few weeks. Our three 'helpers' aka the kids were eager to go for a bike ride on Sunday afternoon so we thought why not go up to the building and give them the chance to let off some steam there whilst we do our security checks for the insurance and measure up for a few things. We live in strange times when you have to risk assess where you take your children out due to a highly infectious illness however the premises hasn't seen another human in months so we figured it was more than safe for them to go crazy there for a hour or so. I really do feel for the little ones, they don't understand whats going on and kids really do need space and fresh air so it must be such a confusing time for them when all of a sudden they are stuck at home all day every day. It was lovely to hear children laughing and playing in the space as well, it really spurred me on to get everything ready to open so we can fill it with lots of happy smiling faces.

Whilst we were there I couldn't resist pulling a bit of that terrible faux grass back, and before he knew it, poor Mr Cub & Calf was being roped into helping remove the lot. I am the boss after all and it did need to go eventually... What I didn't know is how heavy faux grass is!! Never mind Joe Wicks work outs, you should try lugging rolls of faux grass around.

Im so happy we did it though, its made a big difference and I felt like we had achieved something even if it is only a small step.

We are considering various different new coatings for the driveway, all will depend on the budget though of course!

This week we have some exciting deals with contractors to sign off on and I can't wait to show you all. I hope you are all keeping safe, keep smiling and cuddling those babies and I really hope to see you all soon xx

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